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At Magento London, we feel great pride in working together with the Magento e-Commerce platform and showcase our technical capabilities, engaging and SEO friendly website designs.

When it is related to web designing, our thoughts are always from the customers’ point of view. We always try to see how we can make your customers stay on your website for longer. Besides that, we have also developed a new channel and funnel strategies that will drive up your sales without complicating the consumer experience.

We work with experienced and talented designers who understand consumer behavior and put their focus towards creating a great shopping experience for customers. We also work with UX designers who are responsible for the aesthetical look of your responsive website design.

Focus On UX Design

Magento UX Design

Before designing a website, our designers will begin with proper planning and thorough research, complete competitor analysis and engage to determine and understand your business objectives, products and targeted audience. Thus, we can create data-driven decisions around design focused on UX and conversions to deliver an interactive shopping experience. This way, we can understand customer journey and produce a suitable strategy for generating higher conversions and more revenue.

UX designing is extremely important since it does not influence customers directly to purchase products online. Rather, it is an essential factor when purchasing by means of a multichannel retailer experience.

Being a part of the designing process, we present wireframes to customers and demonstrate site architecture to showcase how clients will work with the site. The wireframes signifies navigational aspects, shopping features, content and overall structure. After the wireframe stage, our UI designers will design an aesthetic look for the website.

Optimised landing pages and products

While designing online stores, we will optimise landing pages as well as product pages to drive conversions and reduce any further complexities. This consists of developing a website that is easily accessible for the visitors that access the website through their desktop or mobile devices. By crafting an easy journey for the customers, we can see a greater increase in the conversion rates.

Simplify checkout method

The checkout procedure is vital for an online store. The method can be complicated and long-winded for customers at times, which is the reason as to why many abandon their orders. Our qualified designing team at Magento London possess years of experience and expertise in making the checkout process simpler and more effective. We ensure that your website checkout is clean and free from distractions whilst encouraging customers who enter the checkout process to complete their purchase. We fully understand the consumer online shopping behaviour and use our experience in building a checkout process that will help in reducing the abandonment of orders on your website.

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