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Reasons to Choose Magento as Your eCommerce Web Development Platform

Magento is a robust, open-source e-Commerce framework written in PHP. It is the most preferred framework to develop e-Commerce websites in, beating Drupal, Joomla and WordPress.

Web developers in London suggest that e-Commerce business owners to choose wisely between Magento and WordPress when developing their websites.

Magento vs. WordPress

Developers working at a renowned Magento agency in London have some suggestions for you on choosing between WordPress and Magento.

  • WordPress involves less coding and hence, makes the tasks of developing and maintaining your webstore easier. But Magento offers greater flexibility with its advanced customisation features.
  • Both WordPress and Magento are Content Management System (CMS) that offer unbelievable simplicity in adding, managing and modifying content. Both of the frameworks are SEO-friendly and have robust online community to provide you with support.
  • But considering the stunning range of in-built features and functionalities that Magento offers, it is more appropriate for the development of e-Commerce websites.
  • As compared to Magento, WordPress is more text-base, which makes it more ideal for blogs. WordPress also offers great themes for e-Commerce and other business websites. But it’s somewhat restricted when it comes to customisation of features, say experts working at a renowned Magento eCommerce Agency in London.

Magento – A comprehensive e-Commerce development platform

Magento not only allows you to customise your website exactly the way you want but it also offers a huge treasure of inbuilt themes and templates. The task of developing an e-Commerce shopping cart becomes much easier and hassle-free when using the Magento framework.

Magento offers unique benefits that make it the obvious choice for developers when developing e-Commerce digital storefronts. The benefits include the following:

  • High-level of flexibility when setting up a website as per the needs of the business.
  • You can manage multiple e-stores through a single dashboard.
  • Auto generation of updated and detailed reports to facilitate in-depth analysis.
  • SEO-friendly framework to help your website enjoy greater online prominence.
  • Easy to implement m-commerce or mobile e-commerce on Magento framework.
  • Systematic order management and advanced functionality are some of the bonus features.

As a concluding note, developers from a Magento e-Commerce agency based in London add that Magento websites are highly scalable. Third-party extensions and plugins are readily available to be included to your storefront. Considering all these facts, Magento is the obvious choice not only for small and medium-scale businesses but also for large enterprises as well.