Factors of hiring magento developers

12 Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Hire Magento Developers

Both e-Commerce and m-commerce are becoming more competitive with the passing of years. So, every entrepreneur is now competing to set up the best platform for bringing up their e-stores first into the race for greater success. This is why entrepreneurs are now opting for reliable and efficient platforms that can fulfill their desired expectations for success. Magento is particularly meant for the entrepreneurs that desire the best results and are willing to work hard to achieve them.

Why Magento?

Magento is said to be an efficient and robust platform opted by innumerable users to improve their websites. It is among the most capable enterprise-class e-Commerce platforms on the market, hosting more than 25,000 websites. Hence, one in four e-Commerce retailers use Magento in order to meet their business requirements.

Magento presents users with visually rich and superior websites and e-Commerce stores that are highly capable of delivering intuitive user experience. It has extensive features that are particularly meant for B2C, B2B and hybrid solutions for providing merchants with full command over their online store operations. This is quite indispensable for the expansion of online stores.

Magento provides a website that is:

  • Flexible.
  • Easily Customisable.
  • Scalable.
  • High Performing.
  • SEO Friendly.

Reasons to hire Magento developers

Magento is easy to use and yet, it demands a higher level of coding within the framework. You will require the expertise of skilled developers who will be able to take care of everything that is required of them for the success of the store. Hire an experienced and certified Magento developer to build your website the way you exactly want it, provide value for your money and take your business to greater heights of success. These days, search strings like, “certified magento developers near me in London” will enable you to find the right one in your area.

Magento developers have two categories:

  • Full-Time/Dedicated Developers.
  • Freelancers.

You may select one depending on your project needs but you should hire a dedicated developer who has in-depth knowledge and is willing to take up the entire responsibility of the project.

Important factors to consider when hiring Magento developers:

  1. Know your business plan: The most suitable way to map out your business objective is to have a clear understanding of Magento before hiring an experienced developer. This way, you can understand what is required from the developers and only then should you select the team that matches your exact requirement.
  2. Check certifications and skills: You have to appoint an efficient team of certified developers who possess the proper knowledge and the right skills of the CMS. It is important to check if they have valid certifications in the Magento development and a good understanding of the present e-Commerce business ecosystem.
  3. Stay update on the latest technology: The Magento experts you hire should know about the recent technological know-how to keep your website updated with the latest versions of the platform. They need to stay adept at incorporating your store with modern innovations for your marketplace. Starting from theme integration, module and extension development, payment gateway integration to the final hosting, the developer should be hands-on about all facets of the platform.
  4. Choose experience and expertise: Your certified Magento developer should have an impressive track record of different successful projects that have already been delivered to clients worldwide over an extended period of time. They should know how to do Magento customisations and tweaks together in line with the brand design.
  5. Check background portfolio: A clear understanding of past portfolio will provide an insight into how effective they are in carrying out several tasks the website requires.
  6. See interaction and response of clients: You should select a team that offers a transparent report on work progress and keep you updated with the recent changes. It is much better to look for someone who has different methods of communication such as – phone, chat and email options.
  7. Provide technical support: The accessibility of customer support is obligatory for the applications made. Make sure you hire Magento developers who offer proper assistance during the completion of the project and future technical guidelines. This kind of support is commonly offered by reputed Magento development companies only.
  8. Deliver work within the time frame: The important factor is client-centric approach that ensures delivery of customised solutions to fit your business requirement. A proven work methodology is mainly focused on timely completion that seems to be of paramount importance when it comes to saving money & time.
  9. Improve store efficiency: The main reason to hire a competent team of developers is that they provide your store with a competitive edge over your business competitors. By conducting thorough research for overcoming your biggest challengers, you get the boost in the efficiency and sales output of your store.
  10. Work with a limited budget: It is vital that the Magento development team works well within your restricted budget when completing the project without compromising on quality. You have to choose a team who is efficient in providing complete transparency on fixed project costs.
  11. Select the right business infrastructure: The Magento developers you hire should possess a great infrastructure that is supported by contemporary technology so that they complete the project timely while leaving you with exceeded expectations.
  12. SEO and SEM: Proper knowledge of SEO and SEM helps to market your website with better ranking and driving more traffic to your site. It has become crucial so that the developers have some idea on these techniques.

The most reliable providers of Magento development services in London will allow you to meet the growing challenges of your business in the most efficient way possible. Magento developers leverage their talents and best practices that are scientifically designed to deliver high-quality websites to customers. With Magento development and customisation services, the developers can complete all types of projects, despite of how complicated they might seem to be.