Magento ecommerce for businesses

10 Factors that Make Businesses Choose the Magento e-Commerce Framework

Merchants all over the world prefer Magento when launching their e-commerce stores and businesses over other e-commerce frameworks. Why? To put it in short, Magento of course offers some great advantages to businesses cutting across different sizes and industries. In the following paragraphs, we will explore some of the major reasons that attract start-ups, medium and large-scale brands to Magento.

Factors behind overwhelming popularity of Magento:

Techies at a renowned Magento development company in London share their insights in the following paragraphs to help you uncover the reasons that make Magento so incredibly popular in global business.

Open-source platform: As an open-source platform, Magento is free and you don’t have to pay any license fee for using it. Like any other open-source platform, it can be easily developed by anyone across the globe and is easily manageable. You can enjoy ultimate control over the functionality and the design of your Magento-powered site. Moreover, you can rely on a robust community of skilled and experienced developers to help you out of difficulties with your Magento web store. You can create and install the necessary plug-ins to run your online store smoothly. When you have a Magento-powered digital storefront, you can customise your shop as well as the shopping cart just the way you want. No other e-commerce framework is known to allow such higher level of customisation to meet the unique needs of businesses.

High-level performance: Websites based on the Magneto framework can easily handle the unique requirements of your e-commerce store. You can easily add multiple items from a single import. The catalogue management feature allows you add numerous categories of an item and their dynamic product attributes absolutely hassle-free.

Magento-powered websites are reputed to stay stable even when handling huge volumes of transactions. A Magento website is guaranteed to maintain its steady performance while handling excessively high traffic during peak shopping times of the year like Christmas. The Magento commerce edition additionally offers full-page caching. As a result, your webpage will get loaded significantly faster. Our friendly Magento developers in London explain that it also has many other innovative features to automate indexing and optimising your site so that your business runs seamlessly.

High scalability: Magento is equally suitable for start-ups and large brands that operate across international borders. The framework is unbelievably flexible to adapt seamlessly to the unique necessities of your storefront. Irrespective of the nature of your business, once your Magento-powered website gets launched, you can scale your business any time through some easy back-end means. Handling an inventory of over 1000 items proves to be a child’s play with Magento. Incidents like periodic website crashes and slow site-loading can easily be resolved in any Magento e-commerce website. The Magento marketplace provides you with easy access to almost all the extensions required to scale your website and further expand the business.

Some of the innovative features of Magento that help businesses grow seamlessly include the following:

  • Improving product checkout time and catalogue browsing.
  • Reducing response time.
  • Smooth inclusion of new features.

Magento is the best tool available to improve the productivity of any e-commerce business.

Vast online community: Magento has a vast online community of hard-core techies and professionals to help you resolve any issue easily and quickly. This online help is available 24/7. This is a significant factor that brings a large number of merchants and businessmen to the Magento e-commerce framework.

Easily manageable: Magento allows you to manage multiple web stores from a single dashboard. A single Magento installation allows you to manage product updates, billing, customer records and inventory of your storefront. This makes your job easier and faster by all means. When you have a Magento e-commerce store, it is easier to capture your customers’ shopping history. This allows you to coordinate with them and deliver a great shopping experience. Magento also offers mind-blowing features like multiple languages and multiple currencies for international brands. It also offers shipping and order management features. A large range of extensions allows storeowners optimising their stores further to cater to unique needs and overcome individual roadblocks. Magento-powered digital storefronts are mobile-friendly. By default, every Magento store supports responsive designs to enable you to tap on the larger customer base. Storeowners can seamlessly access their e-commerce website from any device and take a stock of their business at any time. As such, the framework proves to be a merchant’s best bet to enjoy the benefits of mobile commerce.

Wide range of extensions: An infinite number of extensions are readily available at the Magento marketplace and this number is rising almost every day. In other words, simplicity in managing Magento web stores is steadily rising. The easily available and reliable Magento extensions help you perform a string of challenging tasks with greater ease. These cover managing:

  • Logistics
  • Accounting
  • Inventory
  • Payment
  • Search features

It allows integrating your digital storefront with any number of extensions. Using third-party applications like eBay, Facebook, WordPress, PayPal, Quickbook and others on your website was never easier till Magento came into existence.

Advanced SEO features: Web developers at a prominent Magento services company highlight the advanced SEO features that Magento comes packed with. Driving online traffic is a crucial way for businesses to both survive and expand. Magento comes with in-built tools that make driving online traffic or support marketing strategies of a site easier. In short, these advanced SEO features help your web store to get indexed in such a manner that boosts incoming traffic. There are user-friendly tools to automatically create your URLs, descriptions and tags using relevant keywords. It also offers effective tools to boost website conversions.

Safety and security: Security breaches in web stores are common occurrences. Unauthorised users break in unethically and access your admin panel leaving your inventory vulnerable and your business down on its knees. Magento resolves this threat to a large extent with two-factor authentication. Moreover, it provides fast WAF and DDoS services to provide additional security cover to your site. Magento Commerce offers in-built features like Payment Application Data Security Standard, secured payment bridges and credit card tokenisation to make your business even more secured from hacking attempts. A dedicated IP and implementing SSL security are other security features that Magento offers to keep your site secured from unauthorised users with harmful intensions.

Modular architecture: Magento’s PHP framework dedicatedly makes the way for your business to thrive. Magento does not run a large application; rather, it is supported by tiny modules that highlight specific set of features or functionalities. Furthermore, you can easily enable or disable any module for your website as per your need. You can also create unique code to extend the functionalities of your Magento website without interfering with the core code. This offers unbelievable customisation of your store. In short, the Magento ecommerce framework offers you a PHP framework that seamlessly converts to full-fledged, dynamic and fully-functional e-commerce shopping cart.

Web hosting feature: Technically sound web developers at Magento London have one more thing to add to this blog article. Hosting any business website that is powered by Magento is absolutely hassle-free. You can select a hosting solution according to your choice. This feature places Magento way above others namely Shopify and Volusion. You can also migrate your online store to any hosting service you want at any time when you use the Magento framework.

In short these are some of the mind-blowing features or advantages that Magento offers.